Tabasco Fruit


Tabasco is the most frequently mentioned name of a chili variety. It is famous for its Tabasco sauce, which is made from its pods. In the Mexican state of Tabasco there is a lot of agriculture in a subtropical climate. A high humidity, the sunny, warm climate and a nutrient-rich soil make the area the perfect chili growing area. Narrow 4–5 cm long chili peppers are formed on the perennial chili variety. When the chilies turn red, it is time for the harvest. Tabasco plants can easily grow up to 4 m high. In pot culture it is perfectly suited as an indoor plant with a height of one meter. Already in the first year a harvest of tasty red pods can be planned. These are classically processed into a spicy sauce. Tabasco chili peppers have a degree of sharpness of 9 and are therefore between 30,000 and 50,000 units on the Scoville scale. The pods make something of the plant. They grow upright and as they ripen there is a flaming play of green, yellow and red Tabasco pods.


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