Lemon Drop Seeds

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The Lemon Drop Chilli (Capsicum baccatum ‘Lemon Drop‘) is also known as:Shop-now-Button2

• The Lemon Aji Chilli
• The Aji Limon Chilli
• The Hot Lemon Chilli
• The Hot Lemon Drop Chilli.

‘Aji’ is the Nahuatl word for ‘chilli’.
The Lemon Drop Chilli is a hot, citrus-like, lemon-flavored chilli pepper which is a popular seasoning in Peru, where it originates.

The bright yellow, crinkled, cone-shaped fruits are about 2.5 in long, and they have fewer seeds than the average chilli pepper, containing 15 on average.
The heat level of this chilli in Scoville Heat units ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 SHU approximately.
Lemon Drop Chillies are a wonderful ingredient for stir fries.


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